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Answering Services for Law Firms

If your firm is not there to answer the call, another will. Whether a potential client is in trouble with the law, in an accident, or faces other legal issues, you have a short window to secure their business. Legal needs are often very urgent.  Placing a customer on hold, sending them to a machine or failing to answer could cost you case work. If you secured one extra client per month, how much would your law firm grow? 

Increase client satisfaction by giving them 24/7 access to a company with more than 40 years of experience. Don’t spring for the speciality legal answering services that charge up to TRIPLE our rates. AnswerLive provides all of the services of a speciality answering service or receptionist. We screen calls, schedule appointments, or simply provide the correct information you ask of us from a script. 

For New Clients, the The Best Ability is Availability

Most attorneys prefer to speak with potential new clients immediately to capture as much information as possible and increase the probability of closing business.

If you are a single or very small legal practitioner business with no clerical support after hours, consider investing in an answering service.

“They’re so good that customers actually think the person on the other end of the line is in my office.”

Balancing this with your existing client needs and acquiring new clients can be a difficult task for a growing law firm. AnswerLive has the experience to determine how to proceed with each call. Our account managers set up customized solutions for your needs based on whether we’ll be talking to new or existing clients. Just set up your customized protocol, and let us do the rest!

Need Calls Forwarded to Your Cell? 

Law should know concept, The lawyer explained to the client to plan the case in court.

We can forward your phone calls based on number of rings, based on the time of day, phone number, and a number of other options. The solution you need for your law firm is completely customizable. If your attorneys are able to take calls, we can transfer or send a message through email or text via Startel Secure Messaging application. 

With Startel Secure Messaging secure message dashboard, you will have access to your voicemail, text and email anytime, anywhere. So when you’re on that business trip out of town, or need to check in on a family vacation, you’ll have easy access through our Startel App. 

Worried about telemarketers and cold callers? A handful of these calls every day can add up to waste your office’s time and take you off task. Our trained specialists are knowledgeable in dealing with spam calls and unwanted outreach. 

Human Interaction Still Wins More Customers

AnswerLive’s live answering services for legal promises to take care of what a receptionist could at a fraction of the cost. Your clients want to connect with humans whenever they call, not a machine. Whether a potential client is expected to leave a voicemail or speak with an automated robot, your chances of landing a consultation are diminished. But if your firm is gaining popularity, you might feel you need to hire additional staff to mitigate this issue. 

Any potential client wants their case to be met with proper enthusiasm and feel like they matter. Don’t let a machine be that first touchpoint. Make the first impression that counts with AnswerLive’s live receptionists. 

Do you have bilingual clients? Our specialized services can provide assistance to Hispanic-speaking clients. 

Legal Intake Work For Less

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AnswerLive is HIPAA-compliant and trained to take down the most specific details of your legal intake work should you be unavailable. This includes:

  • The issue
  • Injuries
  • Name
  • Date
  • Locality
  • Incident details

Based on our information, you have no need to call everyone back. If a case is not of interest to you, we can also offer referrals to anyone. 

Benefits of Answering Services for Your Law Firm

Your clients recieve the proper attention and communication

Ensuring the recording of accurate information. including personal notes, callback numbers.

Personalized Service and Industry Expertise for Law Firms

We specialize in law firms that require answering and messaging services. We’ve been doing it for over three decades, while keeping our service expectations HIGH and our costs LOW. We also pride ourselves on providing personalized support, 24/7. That’s why each of our customers have a dedicated account manager on the staff to address any needs. Because what is a company that assists in customer service, if it doesn’t provide the same for its own clients?

Half the Price And A FREE Trial

Would you like to know if our answering services are right for your small business? Or maybe you just aren’t sure if an answering service would help your business in general. That’s why we want you to give us a try. AnswerLive offers a 14-day FREE trial of our services. The lightning-fast on-boarding happens in less than one week. There are NO contracts to sign!

Get All Of The Features At A Lower Cost

If you have a multi-lingual speaking customer base, we have that covered. Need to integrate our answering service with voicemail or message delivery? Do local or toll-free numbers make a difference? You don’t need to reach for the biggest, most expensive answering service to make this a reality for your small business.

24/7 Live Customer Support — For Your Customers and Your Law Firm

Did you know that 85% of potential customers don’t leave voicemail messages? As an answering service that never closes, your support needs might need met in the middle of the night. We have a dedicated account manager on staff 24/7 to address any needs with our voice or messaging services you might have, so it can get resolved quickly.

A Variety of Answering Service Options

AnswerLive’s expertise in small business spans nearly three decades. With four locations across the United States, we’re never far. We offer a wide range of answering and messaging services, including:

  • 24-hour answering services
  • Customer service and help desk
  • Virtual receptionist
  • On-call scheduling
  • Appointment taking
  • Live transfer and call patching
  • Sales and order processing
  • Data entry

Don’t Miss That One Customer…Get The Message!

One new customer could be worth ten, so you don’t want to take your leads all the way to your business and then miss your opportunity just because you were out of the office! You can integrate any of our services with our voicemail or flexible message delivery to see your contacts in real time, any time of the day, any day of the week.

Three Decades of Industry Expertise Geared Toward Small Business

AnswerLive has been serving small businesses in many industries, including service, retail and more for a long time. So if it’s your business that needs an extra hand, we’ve probably had experience in it before.

More than 2,500 customers tell the tale of our expertise in industries that require a round-the-clock cycle of work. Our success hinges on your company’s success – whether it’s providing the customer with the right information or transferring them to the right person at the proper time. Try AnswerLive to spark your customer experience today!