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Answering Services for Property Management & Real Estate

An answering service for property management or real estate specializes in handling tenant support questions and property and rental inquiries, particularly outside the typical 9-5 business window.

In property management and real estate, you face enough responsibility managing all of the day-to-day functions of a rental home or property. Taking care of each call from a prospective or current tenant can drain your time.

AnswerLive can patch your calls based on a script and has the experience and know-how to understand when a phone call should come to you, and which should be handled yourself.

Protect Your Reputation From Angry Tenants and Bad Reviews

“They are reliable and consistently provide excellent service.” – Dustin Jones Reality

Online reviews are a major influence in property management and real estate. For prospective buyers or tenants, they can be the difference in making a major life decision. More customers rely on online reviews for property management and real estate services than ever before.

Furthermore, an angry tenant is more likely to leave a negative review than a satisfied person will leave a good review. The majority of complaints come from poor or slow service. Let us take care of this with our trained virtual receptionists. We can patch calls based on urgency, or simply take your overflow. Don’t eschew a 24/7 answering service for short-term savings.

Save the hassle of tough tenants and bad reputation with an answering service that knows the property management industry inside and out.

The Secret to Sustained Property Management Success – Keep Them Happy!

A recent study by Competition & Markets Authority noted that 4 in 10 tenants are not happy with their property management company.

  • AnswerLive’s professionals schedule and confirm appointments and respond to your emails.
  • We can integrate with your scheduling, CRM and business management software.
  • Don’t miss a possible revenue-generating call when you are handling an important meeting or showing a property.  
  • Send overflow calls to us if your main line is occupied or you are understaffed.
  • Get after-hours calls answered professionally – forward your lines at any time of day or night, holiday or weekend – 24/7/365! A missed maintenance call can lead to bad reviews and lost tenants!
  • Don’t leave new clients on hold. Have your calls answered promptly and responsibly.

Property Managers Who Provide Service During Emergencies Are Rewarded

Picture this: your new tenants water heater has just broken down. They’ve lived at your rental for two years now. It’s the Thursday night before their wedding. You would certainly help them in this extenuating situation, knowing how loyal they’ve been. But they can’t reach you…

The property management companies that are rewarded are the ones that provide the best service. It not only affects direct retention, but online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals, something most prospective tenants seek out before looking at your properties.

Your tenants are not going to be happy you weren’t there for them in a time of need. They might not return. They might leave a bad review. And they might tell their friends and family about the experience they had with your property management group. These people tell their co-workers and their friends.

Your reputation as a property management company precedes you – a happy tenant might be worth five more. It’s that type of business you pay for every day with a quality answering service like AnswerLive.

Personalized Service and Industry Expertise for Property Management

We specialize in small businesses that require answering and messaging services. We’ve been doing it for over three decades, while keeping our service expectations HIGH and our costs LOW. We also pride ourselves on providing personalized support, 24/7. That’s why each of our customers have a dedicated account manager on the staff to address any needs. Because what is a company that assists in customer service, if it doesn’t provide the same for its own clients?

Half the Price And A FREE Trial

Would you like to know if our answering services are right for your small business? Or maybe you just aren’t sure if an answering service would help your business in general. That’s why we want you to give us a try. AnswerLive offers a 14-day FREE trial of our services. The lightning-fast on-boarding happens in less than one week. There are NO contracts to sign!

Get All Of The Features At A Lower Cost

If you have a multi-lingual speaking customer base, we have that covered. Need to integrate our answering service with voicemail or message delivery? Do local or toll-free numbers make a difference? You don’t need to reach for the biggest, most expensive answering service to make this a reality for your small business.

24/7 Live Customer Support — For Your Customers and Your Property Management Company

Did you know that 85% of potential customers don’t leave voicemail messages? As an answering service that never closes, your support needs might need met in the middle of the night. We have a dedicated account manager on staff 24/7 to address any needs with our voice or messaging services you might have, so it can get resolved quickly.

A Variety of Answering Service Options

AnswerLive’s expertise in small business spans nearly three decades. With four locations across the United States, we’re never far. We offer a wide range of answering and messaging services, including:

  • 24-hour answering services
  • Customer service and help desk
  • Virtual receptionist
  • On-call scheduling
  • Appointment taking
  • Live transfer and call patching
  • Sales and order processing
  • Data entry

Don’t Miss That One Customer…Get The Message!

Answering Services for property management statistic

One new customer could be worth ten, so you don’t want to take your leads all the way to your business and then miss your opportunity just because you were out of the office! You can integrate any of our services with our voicemail or flexible message delivery to see your contacts in real time, any time of the day, any day of the week.

Three Decades of Industry Expertise Geared Toward Small Business

AnswerLive has been serving small businesses in many industries, including service, retail and more for a long time. So if it’s your business that needs an extra hand, we’ve probably had experience in it before.

More than 2,500 customers tell the tale of our expertise in industries that require a round-the-clock cycle of work. Our success hinges on your company’s success – whether it’s providing the customer with the right information or transferring them to the right person at the proper time. Try AnswerLive to spark your customer experience today!