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What Makes A Great Answering Service For Doctors?

Looking for an answering service for doctors that is HIPAA compliant? Answer Live’s entire staff and our Startel® Secure Messaging platform that and more!

When it comes to an answering service for doctors offices and medical facilities, quality is the most important attribute. Your patients rely on you for their most important life asset – their health.

AnswerLive has the experience and technology to provide answering services that your practice deserves.

What Makes For A Quality Medical Answering Service?

72% of callers hang up instead of leaving a voicemail

Are you seeing too many cost overages, dealing with outdated technology or running into too many mistakes with your current answering service provider?

Do you have a receptionist, but the call volume is too high and you are tired of taking after-hours calls?

AnswerLive has more than three decades of experience in working with doctors office answering services. With that experience, we bring a number of advantages:

“When they came to meet with us, they brought their management team, their supervisors, and the individuals who worked on the call schedule. It felt like they were going above and beyond to answer any questions we had, which made us feel important. We haven’t regretted our decision to switch over to them.”


Each doctor’s office and medical facility has its own process. How your patients and employees are communicated with are the most important aspect of it. Our experienced staff can integrate with this process seamlessly. We understand the needs of different types of facilities, and customize our operations based on what you need.

We have experience serving in a variety of medical practices, including:

  • Internal medicine
  • Nurse Triage
  • Pediatrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Urology
  • Orthopedics


Our Startel Secure Messaging is HIPAA compliant as well, so whether you need information through telephone, email, text message or another platform, you’ll see it appear safely, securely and on-time.

“During our transition to the text messaging system, I was impressed with their proactivity in suggesting the system to us. There was nothing wrong with the previous way, but their recommendation showed they truly took us into consideration. Now with the SMS system, we get a notification and can respond at our own convenience.”

– Clinic Director, Outpatient Treatment Center

AnswerLive will partner with you to integrate with any software platform you may use, and we are willing to send our trained professionals to seminars and training programs to work with and understand the basic needs of your healthcare software platform. If you can simply teach us data entry and/or retrieval, we are willing to learn!


answering service for doctors

Accuracy is a make-or-break issue for any doctor’s answering service. Our staff is entirely based in the U.S., and has a low customer-reported error rate. This comes from nearly four decades of providing an answering service for doctors and physicians.

Our technology is fully redundant, and all records of our after-hours calls are available via our client services portal in real time. Likewise, we offer secure messaging via voicemail, fax, text message and email.

All answering services for doctors should be prepared to handle an emergency at any time. Often times, these don’t happen during the day. AnswerLive institutes strict guidelines to YOUR office protocol as to where to direct the patient — be it the physician or 911.


AnswerLive’s round-the-clock answering service for doctors can do much of what your receptionist can do. If you have low call volume, you may not need a full-time employee answering your calls.

If your volume is steady and you require the physical presence of a receptionist, you still may need overflow and after-hours answering to ensure your patients are taken care of.

AnswerLive services for doctors and physicians ensures:

  • Low cycle time
  • Immediate scheduling
  • Affordable monthly rates
  • Fast nurse callbacks
  • Quick response times

On-Call Scheduling and Attendance Line Services

Few, if any, industries require supreme organization over your staff more than medical. If you have staff on call, you need to make sure that they are alerted promptly, along with your management.

AnswerLive is in compliance with the Family Medical Leave act, and understands your needs to save time and effort when it comes to knowing exactly who is on call and when, and have your supervisors notified immediately.

Do you offer same day or next day appointments? Often times patients can be scared or needy, requiring immediate attention. AnswerLive can help organize these patients where you need, when you need to see them.

AnswerLive gives you flexible options in reminders, including:

  • Telephone reminders that give a recorded message to your patients (which can be done in multiple languages)
  • Smartphone App reminders or text messages with push notifications that tell your patient when and where their appointments are a set day/time before it is scheduled. We work within any and all medical appointment reminder applications.
  • Email reminders that send an email reminder directly to your patients email address.

These automated services will help to ensure compliance with patients and minimize missed appointments, since every opportunity missed is a chance to adjust your calendar and fill cancelled time slots.

Our Core Values: Professional. Prompt. Communicative. 

One thing a good doctor’s answering service does for its clientele is to take an important task off the practice’s shoulders, but understand that it’s not forgotten.

As the first line of contact with patients and their families, this task is seemingly easy to perform at a baseline level, but it requires a great degree of tact, expertise, and personalization depending on what type of practice we are answering for. 

AnswerLive works hand in hand with your practice on a number of level of calls. We can keep track of who is on call and for when. Non-urgent calls can be delivered at a time of your choosing. Immediate responses are forwarded to a service of your choosing. We can even place a direct call to your doctors when deemed necessary.

Adherence To Your Service Standards

  • We ask the appropriate questions.
  • We work hard to route calls to the appropriate channels.
  • We emphasize customer service on the client side.
  • We create and foster a personable and reliable atmosphere with families.

What Are Your Goals?

This is what we prioritize and tailor our services to. We are in the relationship business, as are you. Let’s find a goal we can help you achieve to increase the perception of your patient and client services. 

“I’m most impressed with how efficient and reachable they are. Their team is easy to get ahold of. Never have I had to wait a long time on the phone in order to reach someone. They answer my questions quickly and in my business that’s not always the case — it’s a breath of fresh air.”

Nurse Triage Line Assistance Services

Triage nurses are important because they are the front lines to determining what type of care a patient should receive, and how immediately urgent it is. They can connect to doctors and physicians.

We offer assistance with appointment scheduling in nurse triage line services if your office or hospital dictates such a need. Just tell us where to place your patients and allow your staff to handle more important needs around the office.

Offering Crisis Support and Shift Coverage For All Doctors Offices

Do you have to deal with unconventional situations that arise out of nowhere? We can help mediate and build the bridge? Let us help you with crisis support and shift coverage services. 

Looking for answering services for doctors and physicians? AnswerLive has you covered at some of the best rates in the industry. Contact us today!

Half the Price And A FREE Trial

Would you like to know if our doctors answering services are right for you? Or maybe you just aren’t sure if an answering service would help your business in general. That’s why we want you to give us a try. AnswerLive offers a 14-day FREE trial of our services. The lightning-fast on-boarding happens in less than one week. There are NO contracts to sign!

While we pride ourselves with our onboarding program, it will take 2-3 days minimum to train our professionals to your practice. This is more important in the medical answering service field than any other industry, because of the strict guidelines and compliance measures both client and answering service must adhere to.

Get All Of The Features At A Lower Cost

If you have a multi-lingual speaking customer base, we have that covered. Need to integrate our answering service with voicemail or message delivery? Do local or toll-free numbers make a difference? You don’t need to reach for the biggest, most expensive answering service to make this a reality for your small business.

24/7 Live Customer Support For Your Doctor’s Office

As an answering service that never closes, your support needs might need met in the middle of the night. We have a dedicated account manager on staff 24/7 to address any needs with our voice or messaging services you might have, so it can get resolved quickly.

Answering Services For Doctors Pricing

We offer a variety of plans for your office or clinic:

Intro Package50 minutes – daily email, voicemail box, call logging, long distance, $10.00 holiday fee, $1.00 patch

Bronze Package – 125 minutes daily email, voicemail box, call logging, long distance, $10.00 holiday fee, $1.00 patch

Silver Package – 250 minutes daily email, voicemail box, call logging, long distance, $10.00 holiday fee, $1.00 patch

Gold Package – 450 minutes daily email, voicemail box, call logging, long distance, $10.00 holiday fee, $1.00 patch

A Variety of Answering Service Options

AnswerLive’s expertise in small business spans nearly three decades. With four locations across the United States, we’re never far. We offer a wide range of answering and messaging services, including:

  • 24-hour answering services
  • Customer service and help desk
  • Virtual receptionist
  • On-call scheduling
  • Appointment taking
  • Live transfer and call patching
  • Sales and order processing
  • Data entry

Looking for a quality physicians answering service on the West Coast? Check out our sister company here!

Don’t Miss That One Customer…Get The Message!

One new customer could be worth 10, so you don’t want to take your leads all the way to your business and then miss your opportunity just because you were out of the office! You can integrate any of our services with our voicemail or flexible message delivery to see your contacts in real time, any time of the day, any day of the week.

Three Decades of Industry Expertise Geared Toward Small Business

AnswerLive has been serving small businesses in many industries, including service, retail and more for a long time. So if it’s your business that needs an extra hand, we’ve probably had experience in it before.

More than 2,500 customers tell the tale of our expertise in industries that require a round-the-clock cycle of work. Our success hinges on your company’s success – whether it’s providing the customer with the right information or transferring them to the right person at the proper time. Try AnswerLive to spark your customer experience today!